Mary Trump: Biden’s inauguration was ‘the worst day’ for her uncle


According to Mary Trump, niece of Donald Trump, the day of Biden’s inauguration was the worst day ever for her uncle. Mary Trumps is well known as clinical psychologist. Moreover, she is her uncle’s fiercest critics. So they had not the best relationship; for Marry Donald remains always pathetic little man. Psychologist told about what did her uncle feel and what was in his mind when he spent his last minutes in the White House. She came to conclusion that Donald has become a loser.“This is probably the worst day of his life. His time is running so fast,” Mary explained. She also said that Donald’s video farewell message was like before the siege of the Capitol building. Trump’s niece hopes her uncle remains contained as possible. Now Trump waits nothing more but grim times; no more 24/7 media attention, but a lot of legal trouble.


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