Pro-LGBT church was branded satanic but the locals defended it


St John’s Church in Felixstowe flies trans and rainbow flags on a weekly basis to let LGBT people know that God loves them and the doors of His house are open for them anytime. Reverend Andrew Dotchin told the Ipswich Star that one day he came to the church and found a note that read that it was not of God to fly the ‘worldly flags of Satan’. He shared a photo of the note to Facebook with a caption ‘Who put the colors in the rainbow?’ After sharing the note online, reverend Dotchin was inundated with messages of support. And though not all of them believed in God, they said that if He exists, then He definitely does not hate anybody, and people who want to worship should feel accepted and belonging to His church if they want it, regardless of who they love and how they identify. Reverend Dotchin told the Star that he has been “heartened by the reaction” and reassured LGBT+ people that they are welcome at the church.


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