Bus company pays money because of homophobic slur


If your friend is a bus driver, please, say him he shouldn’t be like Dublin Bus driver. A man, who works for Dublin Bus as a driver, caused problems for his company; he decided to rule homophobic slurs at one of the passenger who was gay. As a result, Dublin Bus has to pay €7,500 in compensation. The thing is that the passenger is a popular influencer. He has almost 80, 000 followers on Instagram. According to this passenger, Dublin Bus driver called him a “faggot”, a “schizo” and “you queer”. Passenger is sure it was nothing more but violating his dignity”. Dublin Bus refused to admit that their driver used these words. However, judge made it clear. According to the adjudication officer Roger McGrath, the complainant told the truth and homophobic terms were indeed used. Dublin Bus should pay €7,500 in compensation.


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