Gay couple terrified; Thank you, homophobic thugs


A gay couple from Taunton (Somerset) is so scary; men will no more hold their hand and don’t kiss in public. The reason is that they were threatened by the anti-LGBT teenage group. Moreover, a couple was told homophobic thugs kill them one day. This is not the first time this gay couple became victims of anti-LGBT thugs. “These people sometimes follow us, they call us gays and say we should have a girlfriend. We are scared just when we left our house,” explains one of them. A couple also told a group of four boys followed them when they were in the city; when they turned a corner, this group chased them and told they don’t deserve love and they should die because they are gays. This is the reason why gay couple wants to leave this city. According to the police, this incident is a public order offence. Moreover, police hate crime champion supports the couple.


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