Labour Trans Equality launches to fight for equality in KeirStarmer’s party


As we know, people criticised Labour Party before because it failed to address the problem of transphobia in the last year. Yes, its politicians didn’t support trans equality and decided to quit. Moreover, they aligned themselves with transphobic hate groups.Non-binary and trans party membersquitted. As a result, Labour Campaign for Trans Rights decided to create party of equality. In such way, Labour Trans Equality started working within the Labour Party. Its main goal is to promote trans and non-binary equality. The new co-sponsor of Labour Trans Equality is Anwen Muston, who is Wolverhampton councillor and the first trans Labour councillor (2000). “We need trans and non-binary members in the party. There is much work to be done,” Muston said. Muston is sure more trans people join the party and they will take an active role in public office.


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