University student hoped to gain popularity with hateful rhetoric


An American university student has been caught in a crossfire of outrage after he made a snapchat video in which he shouted that racial and sexual minorities should not have had any rights. The man in the clip stated that he doesn’t think “they should have rights at all”, which incited fury from students at the University of California, Berkeley, US. University administrators have since stated they are taking “appropriate action” on the student, who has already asked the online audience for forgiveness. “I f***ing hate those n**** f*****s. Have you heard how bad Black people are? I f***ing hate them,” the man from the scandalous video was heard saying. Someone off-camera asked the man why he thinks “black people are so bad”, to which he responded: “They’re f*****g black.” As he was asked about gay rights, he said gay people did not deserve any rights too because they were “like women”. His attitude about women’s rights is not even worth being asked about, we guess. Later the man stated that it was meant to be a joke that was impulsively posted online. “However, we quickly realized the problems and damages that this could have potentially caused, so I immediately took it down.” The user alleged that they have spoke to the residential assistant and “confessed the issue already, and have explained to her exactly what led up to this video.”


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