Gay Brazilians rush to wed as a homophobe came to power


There was a 62 per cent increase in same-sex weddings in Brazil in 2018 and a fifth of the 9,520 gay weddings took place in December, shortly after Jair Bolsonaro, a self-proclaimed proud homophobe who would rather see his own children dead than gay, came to power. Bolsonaro was elected in October 2018 and took office on January 1 2019. His election instilled fear in the country’s LGBT+ community that their rights would be under threat. So now, Reuters reports, the amount of same-sex weddings is growing due to fear that the President might abolish them one day. “The LGBT community knows its rights, and this conservative wave led to a reaction, to reaffirm this right and defend it,” Claudio Nascimento of Brazil’s LGBTI National Alliance told the news outlet. The percentage of same-sex marriages in comparison to opposite-sex marriages is still low, but queer people are in minority to the straight ones, so it is not surprising.


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