Queer Israelis found a gap in law to have their relationships recognized


Liran Buchny and Maor Shtern spoke to CBS This Morning about how they celebrated their wedding in Portugal because their homeland, Israel, does not allow them to wed. The couple – who met almost a decade ago while serving together in the Israeli army – travelled to Portugal with their families in August so they could have a legal wedding, because marriage certificates of Israeli citizens issued abroad have a legal power in Israel. So if an Israeli same-sex couple marries somewhere where it is legal, they will be considered married in their native land. By now more than 400 Israeli same-sex couples got married abroad in 2018 in an effort to have their unions recognized by the state. While the couple could not have a legal wedding in their home country, they decided they wanted to host a celebration anyway to mark the occasion, and it was a traditional Jewish wedding.


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