Liam Payne insists he is not biphobic


The long-awaited debut solo album of the former 1D member has already made a lot of noise, and it is sad to say that it was not because all of the songs from LP1 are potential chart-breakers. One of the tracks, called Both Ways, deeply offended the bisexual community because it is about a threesome involving a woman, who, as you might have guessed from the song title, likes it both ways. And even though Liam sings in the song that he does not discriminate, the Twitter audience held an Over Party for Liam for insisting on the offensive myth that bisexual women like threesomes. Liam himself insisted that this is not what he meant. He says that he tried to give a message that love is love and people are free to love whomever they want and to express their sexual desires anyway they want. Of course, not all people in general and not all bisexual people in part would agree to do it in a three-way, he did not generalize. But if they want, they can. The social media users did not seem to take Liam’s excuses well, hoping that he would at least avoid controversial topics in his lyrics in future


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