Eddie Izzard’s mission is to become the first-ever transgender MP


58-years-old genderfluidEddie Izzard, who is better known as stand-up comedian, Labour campaigner since 1995 and activist, has great plans for the future; she wants to be first openly trans member of British Parliament.Izzard decided to trade show business for politics. She said Boris Johnson is a liar and promised to fight alongside KeirStarmer.Labour campaigner said it’s unfair that has no trans or non-binary MP, although 650 LGBT+ lawmakers in Parliament. Izzard explained she wanted to stand in the election of 2019 (57th consecutive general election), but there was no seat available. Her motivation to run for a seat was Coronavirus. “It’s so difficult time for everyone. It’s a great separation. That’s why it is so important to make connections. People should learn from each other, support each other and reach out,”Izzard explained.


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