Non-binary student became a victim of classmate


Morgaine Blanchard, non-binary student of Georgian Camden County Middle School, became a victim of her classmate. The last assaulted Blanchardat a school toilet. Now 11-years-old Morgaine is at the hospital with a suspected concussion. Later Blanchard and her mother gave an interview with all the details of that accident. As it was turned out, Blanchard washed her hands in school bathroom. When she wanted to put trash into the trash can, her classmate (girl) came closer and whackedMorgainein the back of the head. It took school an hour to call for medical help. As a result,Blanchardsuspected concussion. Moreover, she had a lot of swelling on the back of skull. Blanchard’s family wanted police to help them, but police said resource officer at the school should take care of it. Blanchard states Camden County Middle School teachers refuse to use correct pronouns, bullying increases and they refuse to do something with that.


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