Pastor says that gay people cannot be fair enough to work as judges


The President of the United States Donald Trump has nominated openly gay conservative Patrick Bumatay to serve as a judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. One of those who expressed a radical opposition against such a decision was pastor E.W. Jackson, who said that because of “promoting their agenda” the LGBT people “cannot be fully objective”. “ He is a homosexual activist… and he brings this into his legal practice,” the pastor said of the new appointee, calling his new position a bad news as he is afraid that the American culture might be transformed and the ‘real American values’ might be under threat. “His nomination needs to be quashed, and it is my hope that it will either be withdrawn or it will be defeated by a vote in the United States Senate. There is a tremendous opportunity there for judicial tyranny when people take that job because they’ve got some agenda other than the implementation of the law and the Constitution in a fair and objective way,” he concluded.


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