Pride flag thief sends emotional apology


This is a story with happy end. Julie Cordell-Seamons from Utah said that someone stole her flags including her favourite Pride flag she had outside of her house. It happened on Halloween. She was so upset because of it. But later, some days ago, Juliediscovered something strange on her porch; she came closer and saw a new Pride flag. She couldn’t understand what it is. But later she discovered an apology note: “Hello! I’m so sorry.I took you flag last autumn. It did not sit right with me. I’m making it up to you guys for my actions. Sorry. Have a good 2021.” Julie decided to tell this story FOX 13. She thought first perpetrator was a liar because he looked like a child. But she was so impressed after receiving this apology note. “It’s so important when adult admits he was wrong and even apologises for his actions,”Julie explained. It warmed woman’s heart and she told she forgives this person.


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