Trixie Mattel is the new co-owner of gay bar


Have you already visited This Is It!in Wisconsin? No? Then you have one more reason to do it!Trixie Mattel became the co-owner of the oldest LGBT bar in Milwaukee (Wisconsin). This bar was opened in 1968. Drag Race star decided to become the co became the co-owner because she wants to save the historic venue. We have the time now when a lot of different venues are closing because of the pandemic. However, there are many of venues that are currently trying to do everything possible to stay afloat. That’s why Mattel made a decision to put her money here. This is easy to understand because The All Stars 3 winner spent a lot of time inThis Is It! “You know, always when I fly back home I come from the airport to this bar with my bags,”Mattel explained. Legend star also added she this is so important place for her because she met here a lot of good people who are now already close friends of her. Mattel is sure this venue will Milwaukee’s “new Bronze Fonz”.


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