Bake Off winner David Atherton on coming out at 29


Atherton was raised was one of seven children in an evangelical Christian family. For those who are familiar with this denomination no need to say that the attitude to homosexuality was radically negative – it was taught as something wrong, shameful and sinful. . “All my friends were Christians and there was never a day that went by where I didn’t hear a very hurtful thing said referring to LGBTQ people,” he told Attitude. He remained in the closet until his late 20s, keeping himself busy with his work delivering healthcare programs in Africa where he did not think of men, love and dating. But eventually he reached “a tipping point” where he could no longer run away from who he is, he needs to be braver and to face the real challenge. “I’d found it easy to come out to people I’d just met because they didn’t know my history, but I worried that other people would think I’d been living a lie, and that I’m not the person they knew. It got to a tipping point where I thought ‘No, I can’t live a lie any more.’”


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