Brazil: newly-elected trans councilwomen received threads


Brazil is one more country where transphobic violence doesn’t slow down. As we know, more than 150 transgender people were murdered in the country 2019-2020. The country with far-right president became the deadliest country for trans people. However, after elections in November 2020 people started to hope for better life, because around 50 LGBT councillors and 25 trans politicians were elected. Unfortunately, three councilwomenin São Paulo became victims of transgender violence; Samara Sosthenes, Erika Hilton and Carolina Iara. A man in mask came to Hilton’s office, abused her verbally and even made violent threats. But the councilwoman isn’t surprised. “We’ve already use to it, because there is a systematic attempt to eliminate us,” Hilton said. Someone fired shots near the Carolina Iara’s house on the same day. And three days later, shots were also fired outside Sosthenes’ house. Women are sure all these three incidents are linked. Local police are currently investigating now.


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