Dad creates swimwear for trans girls inspired by his daughter


Child’s transition is not for all parents dramatic; for some of them it is inspiration that make them do better things. Jamie Alexander from Canada, a father of trans daughterRuby, decided to design a swimwear brand. And this idea came after his daughter’stransition. Rubyexperienced transition when she was 9. The thing is that his daughter had problems with swimsuits that she felt comfortable in because she couldn’t just find such swimsuits. Rubywore only sweatpants or board shorts, but later she wanted to change it and started dreaming about bikini. So Alexander tried to find swimwear for trans kids but it was impossible. So he decided to make his own.Alexanderinterviewed other parents of trans kids to find out if they have the same problem. Alexander created bikini that compress and “pull things in”. Alexander decided to name his swimwear brand after his daughter, Rubies.


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