Miss Great Britain comes out as bisexual


Jen Atkinbecame a role model for many people last year when she became Miss Great Britain 2020. It was the 75th contest. Despite of it, she made a history because she became the first winner of this contest who came out as part of the LGBT community; she came out as bisexual.Atkin explained she started adore women when she was a child; when she watched wrestling she was obsessed with women there. “The divas in their tiny shorts made me crazy,” Miss Great Britain said. She thought for the first time she could be lesbian when she met her female neighbour when she was a teen. However, later she met a man and even was engaged to him. When they broke up, she met her first girlfriend at the gay bar. It was also important for her to tell the truth her family; she feared family and friend will not understand this relationship. But her family and friend supported her. Miss Great Britain 2020 hopes her coming out can encourage people to do it.


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