Russell Tovey’s father wanted to cure his son with hormones


It is so sad when parents don’t accept their children. Such experience has also The Years and Years star Russell Tovey. 39-years-old actor told how his father reacted when he found out his son is gay. Tovey decided to come out to her parents at the age of 18. It took time before they understand their son. Tovey’s father wanted to cure him, that’s why he was sure hormone treatment helps. An actor said his parents were not homophobic at all; they just didn’t know any gay people. So his father tried to do his best to change the situation. “My father did it out of love,” Tovey explained. It was hard to understand for his dad that Russell is happy and he doesn’t want to change anything. Now relationship between Russell and his parents are perfect. His mother Carole visits all possible events with him and enjoys hanging out with his friends. Russell Tovey want all parents accept their children.


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