Nomadland:successis guaranteed


Have you already heard about Nomadland? This long-waited film made history in the Golden Globe nominations.Chloé Zhao as a director made his best for you to enjoy it. Zhaowas among the first women who were nominated this year. She was inspired by Jessica Bruder’s book Nomadland. This film shows us a story aboutFern, a man who decided to leave his rural Nevada and to set off on the road with the intention to explore the world and life as a modern-day nomad.Moreover, you can enjoy here real nomads as Bob Wells, Swankie and Linda May. You have possibility to enjoy this unforgettable movie on February; its release in the USA will be on the 19th of February on Hulu; all you need is just sing up there. However, if you are not from US, you have to wait; international release date of the drama hasn’t been announced yet.


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