One of London’s most iconic gay bars could return


Black Cap was a center of LGBT nightlife in North London before the owners decided to close its doors 4 years ago, putting luxury apartment in priority. But hope is on the horizon for the creaky bar, which once housed drag nights on the daily, as a campaigner and Green Party member Zack Polanski, who is a gay man himself, has said that it is likely to keep it alive. The bar has been open as an LGBT+ venue since the 1960s, and Mr. Polanski had been its regular guest for more than 10 years, so saving the bar is a question of personal interest for him. “If we can raise the money we might finally be able to put in a bid to keep the Black Cap as the amazing space for everyone it always was – gay, straight, just a beautiful, diverse mix of people where everyone was welcome,” he said in a press release.


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