Philipp Plein accused of firing gay employee


Philipp Plein, a famous designer, faces a lawsuit. The reason was that he discriminated his gay employee with HIV. Amro Alsoleibi from New York City worked as regional manager for Plein’s stores. Alsoleibi decided to file a lawsuit against fashion designer and he has a weighable reason for it; Plein fired Alsoleibibecause of his sexual orientation and HIV-positive status. According to Alsoleibi, Plein has often made homophobic remarks, but when he found out Alsoleibi is HIV-positive, he just fired him. Former employee also addedPlein always hated gays; he often said he hates work with gays and that his fashion brand is heterosexual. Moreover, his health insurance was cancelled one year before hiring him. That’s why he decided to out as HIV-positive. When his insurance was reinstated, Plein started to strip Alsoleibiof duties because of his health condition. Alsoleibi hopes for reparation of damages.


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