LGBT Brits adopt more, while the general ratings drop


The number of adoptions by LGBT+ couples has reached a record high, according to the Department for Education, while the overall number of adoptions is gradually decreasing for last 4 years. 490 adoptions were to same-sex couples in England in 2018/19, which broke the previous record of 450 and means that at least one in seven adoptions were to same-sex couples this year. And if to consider that fact that people can identify as LGBT+ and be in relationships with someone of the opposite sex or single (the research did not regard the sexuality of all the adopters – only the percentage of same-sex couples, opposite-sex couples and single people adopting children), then the number of LGBT adopters is even higher. Of the 490 adoptions to same-sex couples, 240 were to married, 100 were in a civil partnership and 150 were same-sex couples were just living together with no legal recognition of their status. In contrast, the total number of adoptions in England in 2019 fell for the fourth consecutive year to 3,570, despite the number of looked after children in England continuing to rise.


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