University told LGBT staff to hide their sexuality


The University of Birmingham has come under fire for issuing guidance to LGBT+ staff visiting its new Dubai campus that they should not reveal they are LGBT. The Dubai campus of the Russell Group university opened in 2018, and has received criticism since its announcement because of the extreme suppression of LGBT+ rights in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The University of Birmingham Rainbow Network has now given “shameful” advice to staff who might be working there. The document states that staff should hide their sexuality or gender identity if they are LGBT+, and instructs them not to advocate for the LGBT community when “undertaking research, hosting academic discussions, or offering welfare support” and even states they should not bring e-readers with books downloaded that contain LGBT+ themes., and to dress in accordance with their biological sex. University of Birmingham Rainbow Network also suggested that if staff have a same-sex partner as their next of kin, they should change it a least a month before, of for the duration of, their travel to Dubai.


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