Britney Spears is working on her documentary


Have you already heard about Britney’s new documentary Framing Britney Spears? It was turned out, this week it was released. It is actually a story about Britney’s life. First of all, it tells us about her conservatorship she is from 2018 and that her estate is under her father’s control. According to the Page Six, singer is working on Framing Britney Spears with famous female filmmaker. Of course, Britney fears her fatherJamie can take control of this documentary. As we know, court expended Britney’s conservatorship until September of this year. But now it is her main goal to let people know the truth about her in this documentary. It’s so important for her to tell this story in Britney’s own words. This is very emotional film not for fans, but also for Britney; it was even hard to see again some parts of them for Britney itself. Fortunately, singer hopes she can fell finally light at the end of a dark tunnel.


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