Judge refuses to perform same-sex weddings, calling them offensive to God


Texas judge has been refusing to perform same-sex weddings, citing her belief in the Bible as a reason. McLennan County justice of the peace Dianne Hensley told the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct that she knows that marriage equality is legal but still disapproves it. In Texas, justices of the peace do not have to perform weddings, but by doing so they can bring in extra income, so Hensley does it, but only for heterosexual couples and does not think that she is deliberately offending anyone. The Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct made its warning to Hensley public. The warning stated: “Beginning on about August 1, 2016, Judge Hensley and her court staff began giving all same-sex couples wishing to be married by Judge Hensley a document which stated ‘I’m sorry, but Judge Hensley has a sincerely held religious belief as a Christian, and will not be able to perform any same sex weddings.’ The document contained a list of local persons who would officiate a same-sex wedding.”


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