Dramatic escape of lesbian couple


It’s so unfair when your family doesn’t understand you. This is what happened to one lesbian couple from Uttar Pradesh, India. Women got married on the q7th of November 2020. However, their happiness didn’t last long; relatives of one of the women took her and her wife captive. Both women were held at the house against their will. Fortunately, one of them escaped; she could reach terrace and leapt over house’s wall. She decided to rush to the police to tell about the incident happened to her and her wife. As a result, police reacted, came to this house and saved another woman.Moreover, police explained women they have right to be protected as a lesbian couple. According to police, women had right to complained, but they refused explaining they don’t want to disturb anyone. It was turned out, that women were taken captive by one of their families because they are against their relationship.


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