Lesbian student banned from school bus


A 13-year-oldeighth-graderof Americus School Izzy Diekerfrom Kansas has been banned from entering the school bus. The reason was that she told her school friends before that she is a lesbian. According to Dieker, school bus driver heard it too and threw her off the bus. When Izzy came home, her father said someone called him from school and said she was kicked off because she said she is a lesbian.Administration of Americus School hasn’t responded yet. Dieker’s mother was so angry. Fortunately, some students and school staff supported Izzy after she said she is a lesbian. Moreover, she received support from local community. One of the staff (Michael Lanzrath) is LGBT community member even shared rainbow pins at school; it was a sign of solidarity. Lanzrath said there are so many people like Izzy who needs support at this age, that’s why he supports kids like Izzy.


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