Gay couple becomes finally parents through surrogacy


It’s not an easy thing to became patents, but all’s well that ends well. Adam Williams (25) and his partner Harvey Cooper (30) had a long way before they became parents.They wanted to adopt baby, but they were denied because of Adam’s three kidney transplants.It broke their hearts. Fortunately, a couple met Naomi Chetwood; this woman offered them to become a surrogate mother for their child. Chetwood gave birth to little Jacob on the 31st of January. Harvey and Adam didn’t wait long and shared sweet picture on their joint account on Instagram. It wasn’t easy to get through it all especially during Covid-19 pandemic; only one father could enter delivery room, another should wait. But now they hold their son and don’t believe how happy they finally are. “We are waiting for the moment when Jacob calls us daddy,” proud fathers said. Harvey and Adam are so thankful toNaomi Chetwood who made their dream come true.


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