Megan Barton Hansonabout the best way to discover your sexuality


Do you know the best way to discover your sexuality? You just have to experience a threesome, Megan Barton Hanson said. Love Island star told she understood she is attracted to girls when she was in college.Megan had a friend who just met a boyfriend and she realized she is weirdly jealous. But one photoshoot changed everything completely; a woman invitedMeganover for a photoshoot, but photographer’s boyfriend was there too. Unexpectedly, this photoshootturned into a threesome. And it happened a few times. Exactly this photoshoot helped Barton Hanson to understand she is bisexual. As we know, Megan had relationship with Wes Nelson, with Chelcee Grimes and later withDemi Sims. But this female photographer changed everything; Megan fell in love with her. So if you have doubts about your sexuality, you know the right way to discover it.


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