Republican fired for being trans tells bigots not to hide behind God


A lifelong Republican voter and conservative Christian has written a powerful piece about political and religious views often used as excuses for hate in general and transpobia in part, explaining why it should have never been done this way. Trans woman Erin Dotten, who was fired six months after coming out as trans at work and was told she was fired because of her transition, wrote for the Miami Herald that there are so many cases of discrimination heard in the Supreme Court in which people often speculate on their faith in Christ. Dotten, who worked as the assistant director of a health sciences centre at a college in Florida, said that her transition was a question of life and death because she considered suicide as she could not handle living as a man. But her faith in Jesus saved her – she knows that people who commit suicide go to hell because they have neglected the love of God and the gift of life He gave them. But when she transitioned, her bosses turned her life in the hell on Earth and fired her without a reason, so she now challenges her dismissal in court .


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