Drag queen ensure LGBT seniors get Valentine’s Day card


Not a big fan of Valentine’s Day? This story could change your mind. It was proven one more time how powerful queer community is. Drag queen form Chicago decided to come together. Their goal was to make sure LGBT seniors received their cards devoted to Valentine’s Day. People from Chicago Black Drag Council and Our Art of Giving helped alder people to feel love this day. The idea belongs to Jesse Fails, a member of Chicago Black Drag Council. As part of Valentine’s Day Senior Prize project, drag queens created 200 Valentine’s Day cards. LGBT seniors from Town Hall Apartments (Halsted) were so happy when they received these heartwarming cards. There were sweet massages on these cards like “You have stolen a pizza my heart” or “You are one in a melon.” Drag queen Jo Mama told how important it was for them to make elder people happier because these people opened doors for them.


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