Gay man and trans woman tortured and robbed in Palestine


A trans woman, a gay man and their friend were brutally battered in Palestine by a group of men – kicked and shoved into a car – before being robbed on December 3rd. Sammy, a trans woman, was in the West Bank where she came to see her doctor and two friends accompanied her. Refugees descended upon them from a nearby camp. Assaulting the trio, the attackers damaged their car, leaving the doors dented, and took off with 52,000 shekels. All the while Palestinian police officers allegedly “stood idle” and they made no attempts to help. Fleeing on foot, the thugs escaped back to the checkpoint at the village’s entrance. Medics rushed to treat their injuries as they travelled back to Israel. While the trio’s car was left with a deluge of dents, shards of glass scattered inside from broken windows. The rear bumper hanging can be seen hanging from the scar, paint scraped off, and the boot stocked with clothing crammed in plastic carrier bags, some of which have been torn.


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