PrEP to be available for uninsured Americans


HIV-preventing PrEP drugs are to be made available for free to people without insurance, which means a grand twist for the whole healthcare scheme in the country on the federal level. The Department of Health and Human Services launched a national scheme to promote the use of pre-exposure prophylaxis, which can prevent HIV infection, by at-risk groups. As part of the ‘Ready, Set, PrEP’ scheme, the drug will be made available at no cost to at-risk people even if they are not mentioned in the records of those who have health insurance. Pharmaceutical giant Gilead, which is separately facing a federal patent infringement lawsuit over its strict control of PrEP, previously announced it would “provide up to 2.4 million bottles of Truvada annually” for uninsured Americans at risk for HIV, paving the way for the new scheme. According to the US government’s own 2017 statistics, there are around 1.1million people living with HIV in the USA, and 6/10 of them are men having sex with men


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