Statue of lesbian pirates caused outrage


Amanda Cotton hasn’t expected such reaction when she created a statue of lesbian pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read. An eight foot statue caused outrage; localsare just outraged. This statue should be homed on Burgh Island (Devon). According to locals, Bigbury Parish Council voted against homing this statue there. Locals don’t agree pirate’s statue is homed there because it detracts from the historic site placing in beautiful natural space. As a result, this statue was branded as inappropriate. “This statue brings nothing of value, it impacts the environment here, so it should be taken away from here,” Michele Knight-Waite, from Devon said. According to Knight-Waite, this is nothing more but blot on the landscape. “It’s just a statue that depicts two skinny women with holes cut out that has no sense at all,” she added. Amanda Cotton just wanted to celebrate lesbian pirates’ personalities, but it is what it is.


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