Anti-LGBT hate crime rates grow in Berlin


2019 marks a drastic increase of the amount of the homophobic and transphobic hate crimes committed in the German capital, researches show. And even though the city has a reputation of liberal and queer-friendly, the statistics is really concerning, the local police state. Between January 1 and the end of September this year, there were 261 recorded anti-LGBT+ incidents including threats, insults and attacks. In the same period of last year, there were 184 reported incidents. The city’s police chief Barbara Slowik told the local media outlet that such a statistics really shocks her, but the polarizing tendencies in the city were noticed long before, and hate in any of its shapes, including homophobic and transphobic hate, is a logical consequence of social polarizing. Anti-LGBT+ hate crimes have been on the rise in Germany now for several years. In 2013, police recorded 50 violent attacks against LGBT+ people. But this data is not full because the majority of hate crimes remain unreported


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