Joe Biden accuses Pete Buttigieg of his healthcare plan theft


Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden has accused another Democrat Pete Buttigieg of copying his healthcare policy. The former vice-president to Barack Obama has proposed expanding the Affordable Care Act to give a “public option” which would allow people to opt into a government plan but would also preserve the role of health insurance companies, NBC News reports. Buttigieg has the same option in the healthcare plan of h9is own, and Biden does not think it is just a coincidence, and if he (Biden) had some points in his manifesto mirroring those from his rivals, he would not have been forgiven. “What would you have done to me? You’d have torn my ears off,” he said. He continued: “Anything I say about Pete will be taken as being a criticism or a negative about Pete, and I don’t have any negative feelings about Pete at all. I think he’s a talented guy.”


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