Kenyan police beat refugees for protesting


Kenyan police brutally battered LGBT+ refugees and lobbed teargas bombs in an attack after which 4 people were left in coma. For days, rainbow refugees staying at the Kakuma camp un-rolled mats outside the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to peacefully protest against the terrible living conditions in the camp. But activists reported that camp law enforcement descended upon them, described as “death squads” by one protester, to “bludgeon” them because it is not in their interest for the refugees to survive. According to them, officers teargassed them while Kakuma locals seized refugees’ “phones, documents and bags”. Approaching boiling point, LGBT+ refugee leaders organized to leave the camp and re-locate outside the UNHCR main offices on November 28 to peacefully protest against these conditions. Protesters were reportedly battered by officers, with one refugee suffering gaping gashes on their arm and lower torso and wounds on their back. Moreover, another activist said the incident saw “four members in a coma”, and five refugees jailed. “They are all expected to be arrested, handcuffed and directed to a police cell,” he claimed.


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