Apple emoji update: interracial same-sex couples, bearded woman and other


Queer emojis were not enough for you? Thanks to new Apple emoji update you can find everything you want. Apple added 217 new emojis. Among them you can find emojis of queer couples with different skin tones (around 200!), bearded women, queer emojis in a move and even more. The main goal of this Apple update was to make emojis more inclusive. It all will be possible in iOS 14.5 update.However, not this version is still in beta testing. Apple made similar update two year ago. In addition to bearded women emojis, you can find Coronavirus related emojis; a syringe that represents vaccine, coughingsmiley. Some emojis for beloved; heart on fire, heart mended with bandages. Some users are still not satisfiedwith this update; they wanted to see bald emojis and ginger-haired emojis. If you wanted to see more LGBT flags, you still have to wait.


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