Taylor Swift gets political because of Trump


Of course, only Donald Trump can make people to break the silence. This is exactly what he made to Taylor Swift. Singer explained about the Trump’s role in her decision to speak out in her documentary Miss Americana [2020] and to learn more about politics. Swift told she always wanted to stay out of politics, but Trump presidency made her educate herself more. She also explained she voted for Phil Bredesen in 2018, but “Trump in a wig” [so describes Taylor Marsha Blackburn] won. In documentary she describes how disappointed she was after Bredesen’s loss. It was the moment when Swift decided to break her silence. According to Taylor, her song «Only the Young» gave her hope to fight for truth. Almost a year after she wrote this hit, Eric Swalwell [California congressman] got gratis license from Tailor to use her song in his a voter-turnout video. Now Taylor is proud of herself because she overcame fear and self-doubt.


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