Activist takes UK Home Office to court because of the gender X marker


Campaigner Christie Elan-Cane appeared at the Court of Appeal to challenge the refusal f the Home Office to issue passports for people who are neither male nor female. Elan-Cane is a non-gendered activist who has campaigned for a third gender option on British passports for more than 25 years. They lost a High Court challenge last year, in which they argued that passports should have an X gender marker, because not all people can apply traditional M and F markers for themselves. The Home Office made submissions to the court during the 2018 hearing which said that the case should be dismissed and said the current policy represents an “administratively coherent system for the recognition of gender”. According to The Guardian, Elan-Cane’s lawyers will argue that their human rights, under articles 8 and 14 of the European convention on human rights, are being breached by the current policy. Article 8 is the right to private and family life, and article 14 is the right to absence of discrimination. Many European countries, Canada, India and several USA states have the third gender marker in passports for non-binary people.


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