Britney Spears photographer reveals how little paparazzi cared for her


There are not so many paparazzithat care for celebrities’ mental health. This is exactly what photographer, who followed Britney Spears when she had her worst time, understood. Thanks to her documentary Framing Britney Spears(by The New York Times) we can see how Britney was treated by paparazzi. Documentary filmmakers examined Britney’s worst times. Photographer Nick Sternconsulted filmmakers. According to Stern, Britney was treated as a consumable; she was just nothing more but a subject for a supply of pictures. As it turned out, Nick Stern worked for Splash News; it is one of the most influential photographic agencies of the whole world. And because of such horrible treatment with Britney he decided to quit. One photographer took a picture of Britney’s skirt and wrote: “She is not pregnant… Period.” It became the final straw for Nick Stern, he was literally lost for words and decided to go.


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