Israel Folau still hopes for settlement with Rugby Australia


The rugby player whose radical opposition to homosexuality and attempts to excuse it with his faith in Jesus Christ cost him career in sport, insists that it should still be [possible to settle the conflict, and stills sees himself as the only victim of it, claiming to be discriminated against on the basis of his religious beliefs. And he partly reached the goal, because he and his former employers from Rugby Australia reached the settlement in court. However, he is still dissatisfied, because his own lawsuit where he accused them of violating his religious freedom was not settled the way he wanted. Yes, they did apologize for the ‘harm caused’, but when he was asked for an apology, he said sorry for “harming the game of rugby” without addressing the impact of his comments on young LGBT+ people. Happy end for everybody, but Folau still wants religious freedom laws to be stricter in Australia


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