Trans woman from Pennsylvania brutally murdered


24-years-old trans woman Chyna Carrillo from Pennsylvania became a victim of a chilling attack. It happened on the 18th of February. According to the police, they received reports of an attack at a residence. When police arrived, they saw a man who violently assaulted trans woman in the yard. Officers tried to stop him, but he ignored their command. Police had nothing more to do but shot the assailant. Chyna Carrillo was taken to the hospital, but she died. According to the statistics, Carrillo became the 7thtrans person who was murdered since the beginning of this year in the USA. As it was turned out, Carrillo was nursing home worker from Arkansas. Later she decided to move to Pennsylvania because she wanted to start new life there. Her death became a real nightmare for her family and friends. She remains a magical mermaid for them forever.


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