Azealia Banks goes on with her homophobia


After briefly apologising for a rant attacking men who take HIV-preventing PrEP, Azealia Banks said goodbye to gay fans because she thinks they don’t allow her to develop. ““I have no clue why you gay boys think women actually care what you think. We only pretend to so we don’t have to smell your d**k breath while you nag at us. Lmao. I don’t have no d**k for you gay boy. Save your energy for someone who cares,” she wrote responding to a comment from one of her Instagram followers who wrote that she had acted badly. Later she posted a farewell letter to her gay fans, saying that she loved them but they had been into a lot of sh*t so she needed to eject. She said that gay people were suggesting collaborations with other artists, but that she is “DEFINITELY better than all these little trash b*tches”.


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