Coronavirus mental health crisis hit Black LGBT youth


According to a new study, COVID-19 pandemic affected mental health of LGBT Black youth in Britain. Experts in mental heals said that isolation as well as lockdown order led to psychological fallout among Black queer young people. Just Like Us, queer youth charity group, LGBT youth twice as often worried about their mental health conditionthan straight youth. Moreover, it was proven that more than 60% of Black LBGTyoung people are worried every day. They often suffer from depression, panic attacks and anxiety disorder. A lot of Black queer youth experience drug and alcohol dependence because of pandemic. It’s not a big surprise, because their social life is restricted while they have not good conditions at home; more than 30% said they have troubling conditions. Mental health experts are sure this crisis can devastate Black queer youth. Just Like Us hopes educators as well as healthcare providers will do everything then can for Black LGBT youth.


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