Gay Zambians will spend 15 years in prison for being together


Stephen Sambo, 30, and Japhet Chataba, 38, were charged with the crime of “having sex against the order of nature”. The prosecutors demonstrated photos and videos of two men showing affection to each other, while hotel employees testified that they had seen through the window that the two men had had sex in the hotel room. Speaking about the sentencing, the country’s president Edgar Lungu told Sky News: that they would not accept homosexuality to look smarter, more progressive and civilized. They believe that homophobia does not make them primitive because “even animals don’t [have gay sex]”. Although there are plenty of scientific confirmations of homosexuality among different animal species. According to the Associated Press, the United States ambassador to Zambia, Daniel Foote, said he was “horrified” at the sentence. Foote said he would not be intimidated by Zambian officials, and added that the relationship between the two men hurt no one while “meanwhile, government officials can steal millions of public dollars without prosecution”.


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