Latehusbandof Carole Baskin used a fake name to hide affair


The Big Cat Rescue boss andTiger KingstarCarole Baskin told her late husband used not his real name; he wanted to hide his relationship. And from whom? From his then-wife. As we know, Carole Baskin’s husband was Don Lewis, a millionaire. Lewis disappeared almost 24 years ago (1997). Later, in 2020, her husband was declared dead. It was believed that Baskin was involved in Lewis’s disappearance, but she proved she wasn’t. Baskin told Lewis used his fake name when they met for the first time in 1981. The reason was that Don Lewis was married to another woman at that moment. He said that his name is Bob Martin and he just works for millionaireDon Lewis. He tried always to hide Baskin telling they should hide from Lewis. But real reason was that they should hide from Lewis’ wife. AS it was turned out, Lewis had at least 20 girlfriends more when he was with Baskin.


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