Lesbian tells about pain of being shut out of her mother’s will


Some people just lose their families because their relatives refuse to accept their sexuality. This is exactly what happened to a lesbian woman from Texan (she wanted to remain anonymous). A woman wrote to The Oregonian with hope they help her to navigate a bitter family feud. She wrote about conflict with her sister. She told her sister talked their mom to make her the sole heir of her estate just before she died because she is lesbian. A woman also misses her two nieces. One of them is getting married, so she decided to send congratulations. However, there was no answer. Lesbian woman is upset because her she helped raise her two nieces. And now they have no contact to each other. “My mother and my sister wanted to hurt me so badly. And the only reason was that l am a lesbian,” woman explained. Unfortunately, many LGBT people have the same problem; their families don’t want to approve their sexuality.


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