Grandparents worried about gay grandson


Grandparents always worry about their grandkids. But the story of this family is special. Grandparents decided even to write to an agony aunt because they needed advice. The thing is that they were afraid because they were sure their grandson (15) sleeps with his male friend. Grandparents know for sure that it is sometimes not so easy for youth just to be friends. That’s why grandmother contacted Deidre Sanders, The Sun‘s advice columnist. Grandparents wrote they don’t want their grandson to stay at home with his male friend, especially when lockdown is relaxed. The thing is it wasn’t a big surprise for them when their grandson came out as gay; it was shock for them when best friend of their grandson came out as bisexual, because it can lead to underage sex. The boy’s mother is also shocked; she tries to do her best to stop them from possible sleepovers. According to Sanders, she would also worry about it in such situation. However, she told itmakes any sense to label their grandson because he could change his mind; it happens in teens.


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